Life Extension: A Practical Guide to Calorie Restriction

Dietary intervention – or “biohacking” to reduce the societal impacts of Type 2 diabetes, obesity, and other metabolic disorders has been seriously studied in recent years, as these conditions continue to rise in an aging population – and even among the young – with highly negative consequences on health, longevity and aging. Early studies in the 1930s first established that calorie restriction  was effective in extending the life expectancy of

Qualia Mind review 2021

Summary Qualia Mind is a very popular nootropic stack that supports multiple brain functions with its’ rich list of ingredients. The list of ingredients is large and is based on science, which is appealing. In my opinion, the number of ingredients is too high, so the product will not suffer if to remove a few. Additionally, the recommended dosage of 7 capsules is way too many: it takes time to

Mindlab Pro review 2021

Summary Mindlab Pro is a good stack that works. It is more affordable compared to another popular stack Qualia, and this makes it more attractive. This supplement has decent ingredients that make sense and work well together. As a unique touch, it uses Maritime Pine Bark extract, which I have not encountered elsewhere. On the other hand, it does not contain Gingko Biloba quite surprisingly, as it is one the

5 surprising and incredibly simple ways to improve life expectancy

Many factors influence life expectancy in humans. Some of them cannot be changed, for instance, genetics and conditions, in which a person was born. However, on the brighter side, there is a number of variables that are still controllable by us, humans. Here I present just a few easy things to do that can improve life expectancy for an average person. Disclaimer: this is not medical advice, and it is

The OURA ring – review and unboxing

The OURA ring is one of the most advanced wearable devices to date as of March 2019. It is essentially a ring that acts as a sleep tracker and a health monitor. Among others, the OURA ring helps with tracking various stages of sleep, resting heart rate, and heart rate variability. Additionally, it acts as a general activity and health tracker. I have ordered the Oura ring on 30 November

Evolution Hacker manifesto – living a limitless life

Image: Bradley Cooper as Eddie Morra in the movie “Limitless”. Source: IMDB. In the movie “Limitless“, the protagonist Eddie Morra has problems in life: his girlfriend Lindy has left him, he has no progress in writing his book, his bills for the flat are not paid, and life does not go well in general. Accidentally, Eddie gets hands on a new nootropic called NZT-48 and discovers that he has a